Meet the Production Team - Carly Dudley

Carly Dudley

Carly here. I'm a co-producer and one half of the Marketing team. I'm also just a general gopher for the production team; booking flights, researching Airbnbs, hell, even providing craft services. 

A little origin story on the HERoic project, my husband, Tom  and I always attend Radical Reels at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and two years ago, we witnessed Becca and Sara Frangos win the Mountain Idol Award during the show's intermission. As we've attended this festival for the past 5 years, we noted the lack of female representation in the outdoor sports documentary world and we began brainstorming documentary ideas and strong female subjects we knew with our producer friend, Nicole Murphy. Once the STORYHIVE $100K competition was announced, we knew we had a real chance to make this series happen and share these female-focussed stories with the world.

In terms of my own relationship with being an athlete, as a kid growing up in a small town, I relied on sports to pass the time. Whether tagging along with my older brothers on a game of neighbourhood street hockey or playing with the same team of girls for seasonal baseball and ringette, I was always up to something active. In Junior High however, things started to change for me and I began to shy away from certain sports. 

Carly Dudley

I remember quite vividly feeling awkward playing school volleyball because you were encouraged to wear the short spandex shorts, you had to make sure you didn't forget to shave your legs, and in many school gyms, due to multiple games being played, you had to change in front of everyone in the main gym rather than the change rooms. This was the complete opposite of hockey, which I played outside of school with my childhood girl gang. In hockey, I felt more protected, not just by equipment, but from judgment whereas in volleyball, I felt like a potato on display out there with my short torso and thick, muscular legs. 

Due to my personal experience with sports, puberty, and body image, I'm really looking forward to hearing from the collection of expert researchers we've assembled for HERoic to speak on many of these topics. These are especially interesting to me now, as a mother to a young daughter as well. I have high hopes that through documentaries like HERoic, we can change the dialogue around women's sports for our young athletes and inspire a greater number of girls and women to pursue their athletic dreams, whatever they may be.