HERoic: Season 1 Available Now!

Watch the exciting, new 5-part online documentary series following four inspiring women in sport from STORYHIVE and EAST ANCHOR PRODUCTIONS.

Episode 1: Meet the Athletes

Hear the origin stories of four inspiring athletes from the worlds of boxing, long-track speed skating, rock climbing, and sitting volleyball as they embark on new goals and reach for new career heights.


Episode 2: Shruti Kotwal

Meet Shruti Kotwal, India's only female speed skater, who has moved to Calgary to see what it takes to be a professional


Episode 4: Becca & Sara Frangos

Meet Becca & Sara Frangos, twin rock climbers whose love of the sport has lead them down two different paths. While Becca competes to make the national bouldering team, Sara focuses on school first.

Episode 3: Jennifer Oakes

Meet Jennifer Oakes, a multi-sport athlete who suddenly lost her leg in a boating accident. She is now on the national sitting volleyball team showing us how sports can help after a life-changing experience.


Episode 5: Sheena T. Kaine

Meet Sheena T. Kaine a professional boxer and single mom who is finding just booking a fight to be the hardest challenge of all. Through training in the same sport that helped her overcome her own challenges, Sheena connects with her daughter.